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The Certified Tree Contractor That Can Handle Your Hedge Trimming Project

Have you trimmed your hedges yet this season? Are there branches that are growing too tall? And you don’t want them to cover the roof of your house? Maybe you only don’t have enough time to deal with them yourself. In this case, you can always hire a professional like us to handle the hedge trimming task. After all, our tree contractor in Dennis's Tree Service can offer quality hedging services. If you need us in Central Oklahoma City, OK, call us now!

Why Hire a Professional?

Trimming hedges is not as easy as it looks. You can’t just go to the backyard or garden to cut the hedges without knowledge or experience. To make it possible, you will need the right tools and knowledge regarding the popular techniques when cutting hedges. It’s not just about cutting the branches. You need to know how to avoid cutting the stems as well. Because it’s a lot of work, hire a professional like me. We specialize in tree and hedging work as well.

We Can Trim Hedges!

Our hedging services are for clients who want the hedges planted in their yards to be trimmed and shaped well. We’ll be able to determine which branches to cut, the right height to cut them at, and the right direction so we won’t end up cutting unwanted branches. We’ll be using industry-grade tools for the task. And we’ll also wear protective equipment so we don’t get injured during the process. If you have issues with your hedges, you can count on us.

Do you have hedges on your property in Central Oklahoma City, OK that need trimming? Dennis's Tree Service is the tree contractor you can count on to trim your hedges correctly. We have enough skills and training. There’s no need to hesitate. Feel free to call us at (405) 820-5420 today so we can help you!

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