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Dennis's Tree Service is your local well-rounded arborist with a team of experienced professionals who are ready to safely handle all the trees on your yard. If you are here to find out what we offer to our clients in Central Oklahoma City, OK, stay on this page and keep reading.

Emergency Tree Removal

Certain trees are best removed immediately from your property as they are not only a nuisance but they are a safety hazard that when left unattended, may hurt you or a family member. Don’t put it off and call a pro immediately instead to minimize the risk of falling.

Stump Grinding

Dennis's Tree Service provides thorough stump removal through grinding. It is a process that avoids digging out the roots and once the tree has been cut down to a trunk, choosing the grinding technique is your better option. It is also the most economical way to get rid of an unwanted stump.

Tree Care 

Our care and maintenance routines involve pruning and trimming services that are provided to you as frequently as you need them. After so many years of earning a great reputation for our professionalism and attention to detail.

Local Tree Company in Central Oklahoma City, OK

Local Tree Company

Preventive Maintenance

If you are looking for some help with preventive maintenance for your trees in Central Oklahoma City, OK, you are in the right place! We are used to pre-empting for what your trees might need during each different season. By taking advantage of our methods, your trees will stay strong and healthy. Potential safety hazards will be eliminated by our pros.

Hedge Trimming

With the help of high-quality equipment, we will shape your hedge and bring back the awe-inspiring curb appeal of your property. In case the time to trim your hedge has come, you can book a visit from our team and let them handle it for you.

Now that you know more about what we do, hit us up with all your questions and requests at (405) 820-5420 and get a free estimate!

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